Did You Know?

.... that the Frank Initiative requires determination of all costs of a capital or legislative move and a public vote on those costs before a move can take place?

About Us

In 1995 the Alaska Committee was officially incorporated as a non-profit corporation charged with enhancing Juneau as Alaska’s capital city. Working closely with the Juneau Assembly and in concert with other groups around the state, the Alaska Committee has successfully initiated numerous projects that have enhanced access to the capital, improved communications and generated a more positive image of Juneau as Alaska’s capital city. From initiating Gavel-to-Gavel public television coverage of the Alaska State Legislature, to working in concert with Alaska Airlines to initiate constituent airfare discounts and RNP/GPS navigation systems, to infrastructure improvements, and to supporting enhanced road and ferry access, City and Borough Assembly and Alaska Committee efforts have made a positive difference in efforts to make Juneau a better capital city.

Indeed, Juneau’s motto has become and should remain "Serving Alaska as Alaska’s Capital City."

Action Plan

Alaska Committee Board of Directors

Wayne Jensen - Board Chair

Rosemary Hagevig- Vice-Chair

Win Gruening- Secretary

Max Mertz- Treasurer

Ann Metcalf

Andy Kline

Kevin Jardell

Diana Cote

Mary Becker

Clark Gruening

Dru Fenster

Kathy Hildre

Malcolm Menzies

Senator Dennis Egan

Samantha Dye

Duff Mitchell

Tim McLeod

Mayor Ken Koelsch